Sean Blackman "Ascensao Do Sol"  


Sean Blackman’s unique World Music style is influenced by his deep passion for traditional ethnic music from around the world and of course, growing up in Detroit -- Jazz, Blues, Rock and Soul. Blackman works with internationally renowned performers as well as Detroit’s finest and always brings a cross-culture approach to his shows and recordings.
Blackman has been honored with many Detroit Music Awards, has launched and directed World Music Festivals and worked as creative director of entertainment for corporate events for Red Bull, Chrysler and the grand opening of the McNamara Terminal at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport – one of the nations most state-of-the-art terminals.
As an established world-music musician, Blackman continues to compose and produce new material that links different genres of music with dance and theatrical performance. Whether on the streets, in front of thousands at a theatre concert, or inside a smoldering hidden nightclub, Blackman's music is disciplined from a lifetime of training, yet his raw passion makes every note seemingly intimate.

In Transit is a collaborative platform created by Sean Blackman where performers from around the world come together to create and produce original music concerts, recordings and educational lectures on world music. Dedicated to creating the highest quality, most entertaining, educational and enlightening experiences with the goal of expanding the viewer’s knowledge and interest in international music and culture.
"Creating these multi-ethnic ensembles weaves a common thread through musical history that has influenced one another over time, though together is a modern-hybrid of old world sounds.
Just as people of different ethnics fall in love, marry and make children... musicians of different ethnics come together and create song. This is how it always has been, how it is and always will be. Tearing down the brick and mortar of diversity raises global awareness of human similarities and brings us all closer together."
with love and passion